Plastic balls are often associated with ball pits, for La Faveliana - the company which specializes in creating products for Part of competition of 'Un Designer per le imprese' which pairs top students from design schools in Milan with local companies to create new solutions for their business in two months.  Spallestra is a small Italian company that manufactures therapeutic products for children with developmental disabilities i.e. multisensory environment (MSE).  They wanted to adapt their best-selling ball-pool therapy for use by a greater audience such as the growing spa and wellness market.


Design Challenge

After trying the ball-pool, an closing your eyes it was definitely a relaxing and calming environment while reminiscent the childhood pits of birthday parties.  But to rid it of the image of a child birthday party, we looked into the growing trend of multi-sensory therapy and into low-cost production techniques that Spallestra could implement immediately.


Design Concept

By using the same molds for the existing ball and designing an elegant one piece heat-formed tub, the goals were met with transforming a child-like product into a luxurious and nice experience that can help with relaxation.



The concept was picked by the company for prototyping - a scaled model was handmade by the team in IED's model shop and exhibited at the Triennale 2013.


Immerse yourself in a world of poetic emotions, dive into the ultimate multi-sensorial relaxing experience.  SPALLESTRA is the emotional answer to the growing need for mental and physical balance; an environment where the borders of daily life become indistinct in a journey toward stress reduction, creativity, relaxation and mindfulness.

SPALLESTRA is a modern-day luxury therapeutic spa that can be set up anywhere for anyone to unwind and recharge their energy.

Spallestra | Multi-sensorial Relaxation Spa


La Faveliana  (Italy)


2013 Student Competition (Un designer per le Imprese - Milan)

6 weeks



Product Innovation Strategy, User-Centered Research, Ideation, Concept, Prototyping


Alejandra Dìaz, Bodin Hon, Karina Araujo, Serena Bonomi

Advisor: Diana Rosioru

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