The Italian Compasso d’Oro was established in 1954 to celebrate the products that were made in Italy. Hosted exclusively by ADI (Association for industrial design), the theme for this year’s award was Design for Food and Nutrition.


For the first time the criteria of selection of the best design matured in sixty-year history of the Golden Compass are applied worldwide : ADI invited designers and manufacturers around the world to present their products to the world of food on theme Design for Food and Nutrition .


There were selected 91 product candidates in this first edition of ' ADI Compasso d'Oro International Award . Among these a jury - composed of designer Ron Arad , Denis Santachiara (Chairman), Daniela Piscitelli , the journalist Aurelio Magistà and professors Livia Pomodoro and Paul Sorcinelli - chose the winners.


Of particular importance is the first edition of the Targa Young International , which was granted on the same occasion a young designer -  Bodin Hon IED European Institute of Design in Milan - for the handset to solar cooking Solar, a project developed in during the studies, with a prize of 30,000 Euros that will launch a start-up for the production and dissemination of his project.




ADI Compasso d'Oro (Italy)

La Repubblica Newspaper (Italy)

Domus Magazine - Web (Italy)


IFDM Il Foglio Del Mobile (Italy)



Very proud to have won the prestigious 1st International edition of the Compasso d'Oro 'Targa Giovani' for Solari.  For 2015, the theme was Design for Food and Nutrition - in line with the theme of the Milan EXPO 2015 ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.

The prize for the 'Targa Giovani' category is for students/recent graduates.


The 2015 competition was the first time the award was open to competitors from outside Italy, making Bodin among the first foreign winners of Compasso d’Oro International. Entries were evaluated on three criteria: innovation, communicative quality and sustainability. The official awarding ceremony took place on December 2nd in Milan.



ADI International Compasso d'Oro (Italy)






School: IED Istituto Europeo di Design, Milano.
Supervisor: Federico Ferretti.
Assistant Supervisor: Chris Miller

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